About KMT

As one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in India, we understand what it takes to maximize your online reach and revenue.

We get to know our clients’ goals, then develop custom digital strategies to achieve them.

Our Approach

Digital Project Plan

Before we do anything else, we take the time to meet you and identify the deliverables, the project’s milestones as well as a preliminary schedule of activities. That way we can confirm the scope and specifications of the project.

The deliverables for this phase generally include:

  • A project plan
  • The prerequisites and expected functionalities
  • Functional specifications (CMS templates, forms, secured areas, geolocated functionalities, technologies, etc.)


Your CMS is now ready to be populated with content. We work with you to create all of the static and interactive content.

For visual assets, we validate our choices every step of the way.

We ensure the targeted user experience and business objectives are met on all devices and screen resolutions.

UX design

At KMedia Technologies, we believe the development of a memorable user experience, an experience adapted to all devices and screen resolutions that meets an organization’s objectives,  this process will often include the following deliverables:

  • Tree view (list of required pages and sections, events)
  • User profiles, objectives and tasks
  • Content strategy
  • Layout of main pages; graphic standards

Website Testing

Before launching your site and applications, we need to go through a testing phase.

We’ll run a series of tests to identify bugs and potential problems and correct them in an agile but documented fashion.

At Kmedia Technologies, we take it a step further by helping you identify an effective internal and external communication strategy

Development and programming

Having configured a customized preproduction environment

 we’ll be able to program your content management templates, as well as the previously identified functionalities.

We’ll also configure the tools and web metric that will allow you to analyze your website’s traffic and campaign results.

Maintenance and Optimization

Our team stays by your side to ensure a smooth transition towards managing your new digital asset.

You’ll have support and advice in every area of expertise, be it optimization, marketing strategy or technical assistance.)

Meet the Team

An exceptionally talented group of digital natives.

We embody a diverse range of talents, coming from engineering, music, science and start-up backgrounds.




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“The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.”

– Tom Fishburne